Ann K. Tornyos

Senior Vice President and Corporate Dietitian

  • Ann is the Senior Vice President and Corporate Dietitian for HPSI.
  • During her more than 20 years at HPSI, Ann has developed the HPSI Menu Program.
  • Ann is a graduate of the University of South MS with a B.S. in Institutional Management. She also completed a Dietetic Internship at the V.A. Hospital in Houston and MPH in Nutrition from Tulane University. Ann is also a Registered Dietitian.
  • Ann is an active participant in many organizations, such as the American Dietetic Association, the Louisiana Dietetic Association, Houston Dietetic Association, Dietitians in Health Care Communities (a practice group of ADA), Food & Culinary Practice Group (a practice group of ADA), Healthy Aging (a practice group of ADA) and the Dietitians in Business and Communications (practice group of ADA).

“I enjoy working with HPSI because I am able to interact directly with our customers to find solutions to their food service challenges. My job also encompasses working directly with food manufacturers and distributors, which keeps me in touch with new innovations, changes, and opportunities for our customers that exist in the ever-changing marketplace.”